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Choosing an Agent

To ensure you get the best result, you need to have the best agent representing you.

We’ve discovered 10 questions you should ask any prospective agent when selling your asset.

Where do your buyers come from and how will they find my home?

This question gives the agent a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how they can add value to your sale.

What type of marketing campaign is best for my property?

It’s important to know what the agent’s plan is. The larger the agency, the more effective and efficient the advertising will be, as the listings on their websites for example, will garner more views than boutique agencies.

How will you negotiate with potential purchasers?

Asking this is a great way to gauge your comfort level with the types of responses your agent will give to potential buyers. It’s important to see if your real estate agent is a good communicator prior to them approaching potential purchasers for your property.

How does your agency work digitally?

Find out what type of online advertising they’re getting, rather than just assuming it’s all the same and that you’ll always get the best.

What is your pricing strategy and how will the highest price be achieved?

Be wary of unrealistic pricing.  Ask what they have based their opinion on – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ask what their opinion is based on as well as some examples of similar homes that have sold. A competent agent will be aware of what method of sale is most suitable for eachlocal market.

What is your point of difference?

This question will allow the agent to demonstrate what stands them apart from their competition.

What happens at inspections?

It important to know that your agent will take your property’s security seriously and be respectful of your home. You also need to be aware of the agents process for obtaining feedback.

How will you communicate with me?

You need to be updated on anything that happens regarding the transaction. Obviously this means that you will be contacted frequently. Additionally you must be contacted will every single offer that is made. You should be able to contact your real estate agent via email and phone at all reasonable times.

How long have you been in the industry?

Here you are for looking for someone who’s experienced enough to handle all aspects of the sale but who is enthusiastic and motivated enough to secure a buyer for you.

How long will it take to sell my property and why?

You won’t get an exact number of days on this but what you are trying to do is get an idea of the agents understanding  of the current market, factors impacting your area and how those factors will affect the selling process.